Upcoming Live Performances

20 January 2018

Sean O'Hagan / Tokyo  Japan ()

Sean plays solo at

 Anyoin  Tokyo

 Guest opening Takuji(a.k.a Kama Aina)

 Sean Plays 4 Shows In Japan. Jan 2018

Sean Plays 4 Shows in Japan Jan 2018

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Here Come The Rattling Trees Reviews.......


Record Collector

'' Where ever the High Llamas live in their minds , can we move there,  please?''


''The music of true mavericks'' 


''...featuring some of the groups most unabashedly pop moments ...''


 '' inspired baroque pop from sunny California to Peckham High Street.''


''The lovely "Jackie" leavens the melancholy of the cafe worker’s rather drab day-to-day existence with a bouncy, harpsichord-driven swing and an impeccable chorus, and the title track recalls the early solo efforts of Paul McCartney  with bulbous bass tones and electric piano.''