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08/12/13 07:21 am,, Leeds, England


  Hi there guys

     BBC radio 6  via Gideon Coe has recently aired some of Microdisney sessions from John Peel's show in the early 80's.They did at least half a dozen Peel sessions I believe .From the 1983 session that was on the BBC i player currently, I listened to them (There tracks came after a live Al Stewart gig).

       All three tracks had a great feel.I am not an afficiando of Microdisney, but tracks I already knew like "Town to Town" ,"Loftholdingswood" are fantastic .Coughlan's voice is amazing,whilst I can hear some of Sean's music and musicianship shining through.

     I feel I ought to investigate and find more sessions of Microdisney,a very unique band.

       Can anyone help me source them?

        Regards Brent

        From Kabons cabin in Llamaland.

12/12/13 04:40 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Pretty decent band. It's interesting to hear the beginnings of Sean's compositional talents. I am a big fan of 39 Minutes. Great album.

12/12/13 04:40 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

14/12/13 06:53 am,, Leeds, England


 For Microdisney visit        

 I've found it a very useful site



  Playing "Town to Town" currently.