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Sean's liner notes for Free Design release

04/01/13 12:19 pm, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

Apparently, Sean wrote liners for Light in the Attic's re-release of their own reissue of The Free Design's You Could Be Born Again. I have the vinyl version that LITA released back in 2006 or thereabouts. I'm dying to read what Sean has to say about the album, but I'm having a hard time wanting to drop another $15 to get it on CD just to read the notes. Do any of you have this release, and if so, can you tell me if you think the liner notes are worth my re-buying the album. It's a dumb question, but I thought I'd throw it out there.


17/01/13 08:35 am, brotherjohn, london, england

Its a different Sean O'Hagan.





17/01/13 08:37 am, brotherjohn, london, england

Though thinking about it it might be Llama Sean, as T Gane of Stereolab is known to be a fan of Free Design.

18/01/13 05:12 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

 I'm pretty sure it's Llama Sean. He was given special thanks in the sleevenote credits on LITA's orignal Free Design reissues. The O'Hagan who writes for the Guardian is actually the dude who I'm guessing wrote the Freddy Mercury bio that another thread references.

23/01/13 08:24 am, hejafish, , England

 Yep, we are definitely discussing two seperate beings here, if the one who wrote the Freddie Mercury book is the other Sean O then the Free Design insert writer must be our Sean O'Hagan.. you know... the one with the good taste in music!

24/01/13 07:23 am, zebedee, London, UK

I finally remembered to take this CD down off the shelf.  To answer your question: yes, probably worth the investment if not necessarily for Sean's liner notes alone.

They are pretty decent notes as these things go, however: there's a bit of group history, some background info on the recordings, a bit of the personal touch (where Sean first encountered the FD and what attracted him), a bit of second hand reportage of what Chris Dedrick thought of the record at the time of reissue. And a comprehensive track-by-track analysis.

In addition to the liner notes, the booklet also includes contemporaneous memorabilia/press and is very well put together.  But IMHO the main reason to get the CD is for the two FD Christmas songs included as bonus tracks, tho' these are also now widely available elsewhere.

Hope that helps some.  Jeff

28/01/13 08:13 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

 Thanks for this.