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still looking for the tour EP

01/05/12 06:56 am, charter, , NULL

 Hello to all !

as a french man, I'm still madly looking for the 2 track tour EP the Llamas sold during the past months in the UK.

It has never been sold on Ebay (at least I didn't see it !) or on any other site...

A nice fellow friend sent me mp3s of the tracks, but I would REALLY love to owe this as a record.

So if anyone has a spare copy, make your offer, please, please, please !

Thanks very much in advance to any kind soul,



01/05/12 09:47 am, hejafish, , England

I'm not sure if they sold out... anybody here who went to the last leg of the previous tour should be able to confirm if they still had copies remaining.

I'm sure you'll get hold of one eventually.

02/05/12 01:08 am, peterw, Stockton on Tees, England


Hello Christophe

I have a spare copy of the EP, which I got signed by the band after their show at The Sage, Gateshead last year. However, it has been signed and dedicated to a friend of mine who lives in South America, and sadly I have now lost touch with him. So, it's probably time to send it to a good home. I'll e-mail a scan of the CD sleeve to you so you can see for yourself.